About the seatbelt in the car?

When a passenger taks off their seatbelt befor the car stops at their stop sit hwo is responsable the driver or the passenger?


What car do you drive and why ?

Passengers who are 14 years or older are responsible for their seatbelt and will get the fine.however, the driver has to produce their licence & all documents. Any passenger under 14...the driver is fully responsible.

What is considered a lot of miles on a used vehicle?

If the passenger is over 18 it is their responsibility if not it is the drivers should be careful get £50 fine for no seat belt.

Can you take a pratice test for the NJ written driver's test?

If the passenger is a child the Driver is responsible if the passenger is an adult the adult will be ticketed

How does a hybrid car work?

If the passenger is uner 18 the driver is responsible, if they are over 18 they are responsible for their actions.

Can I change my car into a fuel injector?

No matter how old the occupants of the car is, it's the driver that is responsible for everyone in that vehicle. Make your friends and family buckle up BEFORE driving off and stay that way until AFTER the car is completely stopped.
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