What happens if you pull the key out of the ignition of a running car?


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Most cars won't let you take the key out of the ignition, it's locked in. Some cars do, like my '92 Ford Crown Victoria. It makes it nice to park the car and leave it running, run into the house with the keys to get something... .you can lock the doors while the car is running and then you'll have the keys for when you come back to the warm car.

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If you hot wire a car, the steering wheel will lock up if the key is not there to 'unlock' this safety feature. You just need the key to 'turn' on the ignition and ulock the steering column. As in my Crown Victoria, I can remove the keys as I'm driving. steering wheel won't lock up because the ignition switch is in the start/on position.

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it should stop running. It may also lock the steering wheel

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You can't. It's locked. The wheel has to be turned at a particular angle and then the key can be removed, and that locks the steering column. Besides, turning the key to the position you need to removes it cuts the ignition.

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dont u gotta turn it off before it lets u pull it out?

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It is impossible to do this to the newer cars. The ignition has to be turned off in order for the key to be removed.

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Uh...do you mean if it's in gear? I don't think you can. And obviously if it's in park it will turn off.

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Main problem is that the steering lock will be activated and you will probably crash if you turn the ignition off and pull the key out. You shouldn't be able to pull the key out if the ignition is on, unless the lock is very worn.

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Well if it will come out without shutting off the engine ,then nothing.You can push the key back in without any trouble.But it shouldn't come ot without shutting it off first.

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depends on the wear of the ignition, unless you turn the key to disengage the key, it will remain running and the steering column will not lock, but if you turn the key to get it out it will turn off the car and lock your steering

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if it is an older model car yes sometimes you can be driving done the road and pull it out and it will do fine if it is a newer model sometime you can not pull it out and sometime youcan and it will lock up the wheel but it all boils down to the year make and model ( don't do it to be on the safe side but go ahead if your braver than some)

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It wouldn't come out on my car.

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Most cars lock the key in place in the on position. I don't think you will be able to remove it.

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depends on the car
we had an old one that if you pulled the key while it was on it kept running but in our new van you can't pull the key out
some cars you can pull the key and it shuts off so it all depends on the car type and year

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You shouldn't be able to. The ignition switch should lock the key in until you turn the car off. If you can remove the key, get the lock changed.

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Depends on the vehicle. My dad's old '72 Blazer had the ability to remove the keys while it was on, and he used to do that since the key chain would click against the dashboard. Most newer vehicles have locks that keep the key from backing out until you turn the key to the 'off' position. I have seen some of these types of column ignition locks spin in their casings making a misalignment which could make it possible to remove the key in a position other than 'off'.

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Modern car ignitions do not allow the key to be removed unless first turned off. If the ignition is turned off the steering column lock will engage preventing steering. The loss of engine power will reduce braking power after a few applications as vacuum stored is used by brake booster. When the car coasts to a slow speed some automatic transmissions can not be placed in park with the ignition key in off position.
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