1997 Pontiac Sunfire Filling #2 Cyl with Fuel?

I just changed the o-rings on the injectors because Injector #3 was leaking. So I finished up and reinstalled everything, checked my re-install and proceeded to start the car, but now it keeps filling Cyl #2 with fuel! I removed the spark plug and vacuumed out the cylinder. I checked my work again and everything is up to spec. I pulled the plugs on all the other Cylinders and they seem to be fine.
I don't understand what could have gone wrong since I disconnected the Neg. Batt Cable and pulled the F/P before I began the work.
It's just the one Injector but it was fine before the work was performed. I have done this same job on several cars several times and never seen this! Please help...


I bought a Hypertech tuner for my '97 truck. They recommend premium fuel. Can't I use Regular??

sorry i cant help you
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