Which is cheaper in manufacturing fiberglass or sheet metal?

I have a thesis project (tricycle) I don’t know what is the best option in my design fiberglass or sheet metal? Here some sample picture of my design

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If you make a lot of identical pieces, metal is much cheaper. If you're building a custom part fiberglass is cheaper.

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Metal requires a lot of expensive machine tools and lot of cost to set up the machines. Then you can crank out individual pieces for very little. Fiberglass requires less tooling and less setup cost.

Honda Civic?

It's why high volume cars are metal, and low volume sports cars are fiberglass.

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For your "one-off" project fiberglass will be cheaper and easier. But working with fiberglass can be dangerous.

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Safety with fiberglass involves using ventilation to carry off chemical fumes, and using masks/gloves/goggles/full clothing, to avoid inhaling fibers or getting them in your eyes or on your skin.

Why are altinaters used in vehicles verses generators?

"Safety Alert: When sanding and working with fiberglass, wear full eye-protection, ear-protection and a respirator or mask to protect you from airborne fiberglass particles.

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Safety Alert: Always wear eye protection when working with power tools or pneumatic tools.

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Safety Alert: Always wear protective gloves, and ensure adequate ventilation, when working with chemical adhesives, solvents and other toxic solutions. "

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"9. Safe working procedures

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Employers must provide safe working procedures to minimise hazards. However, in cramped or enclosed spaces where fibreglass insulation is generally installed, dust may exceed recommended levels and may be difficult to control.

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Here a class P1 or P2 dust mask should be worn. Protective overalls should be worn to avoid skin irritation, and these should be washed regularly. Suitable gloves, tucked under overall cuffs, will prevent hand irritation. Goggles should be worn."

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sheet metal

American stick shift cars?

Fibreglass would most likely be cheaper (not to mention lighter, essential if this is mean't to be pedal powered).......... not to mention easier to shape, as you don't have to heat it up and belt it with a hammer.

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Best bet would probably be sheet metal to make the chassis / frame parts (for strength), then fibreglass for the bulk of the bodywork to save on weight.
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