Which gear uses more fuel?

Which gear on a car uses the most fuel?
and Which uses the least?


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The lower gears use more fuel for example 1st gear gets the car moving,2nd &3rd are working gears 4th&5th are the cruising gears this is why we change gears up as well as down in block gears when changing up we can use 2nd to 4th or 3rd to 5th this is called (eco driving) this in turn reduces the amount of time you are accelerating and as this is when fuel consumption is at the highest,you can save fuel by missing out some gears.

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It you're talking about how far per litre of fuel then 1st gear is the worst.
The engine uses the same amount of fuel no matter what gear you are in.

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1st gear

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first or reverse uses the most. 5 or 6 th uses the least

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1st the most 4th or5th if you have 5th
the least

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At what road speed? Engine RPM are a reflection of fuel consumption.

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1st gear uses the most - for optimum petrol consumption drive at around 55-56mph in top gear

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First Gear uses the most gas........good luck.

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In most cases I'd say frst & second. Becasue you're engine speed (RPM's) is higher in these gears & theyre doing more work to propel you're vehicle up to cruising speed. Now if you're towing something heavy you may not get into the highest gear & could probably be using more fuel in 3-rd-4th than 1st-2nd due to the higher gear ratios affect on acceleration/speed. Just depends on the load on the vehicle too i guess.

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Just get it to th highest gear as quickly as you can without straining the engine. Fuel consumption is related more to the power band than to any particular gear.

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1st gear uses the most fuel as it has the lowest ratio turning the engine more times to achieve the same distance as say 5th gear which has a higher ratio and would therefore use less fuel.Basically the higher the gear the less fuel u burn. hope that helps.

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reverse being the lower gear uses most and obviously fifth , the least. being the higher.

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Its a matter of air resistance, velocity and momentum. the most fuel efficient gear for my car is fifth gear at 56mph. This keeps the engine at 2000rpm.
First gear will be the worst, even at 2000rpm. The most fuel used will be at idle, as you would be doing 0mpg, as you will be burning fuel just to keep the engine running

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Any gear if it's not the one you should be in.

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first gear uses the most fuel

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fourth or fifth use the least

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but mind u the speed u r travelling at and the gear u r in is what determines the level of fuel consumption

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u realise that every car has a higer mileage per gallon on a highway than for town driving

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The gear that uses the most fuel is neutral.

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More fuel is used when you start the engine than at any other time.

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it depends on the engine speed (RPM) and not the gear you are in - however when you pull away in first from a standstull and the weight of the car is being driven then more fuel is being used, same as from a cold standstill.

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For the best fuel consumption, you need to be in the highest gear that's practical for the situation. A steady medium speed will do the best.

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Us more decrepit drivers will remember when there was a fuel crisis in the UK and there was a blanket 55mph limit in force, calculated to eke out the fuel as much as possible.

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depends on your speed,to high a gear drinks fuel at to low a speed

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1st gear because you use more revs.

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BMW tested this a few years ago, and found that the most efficient was in the highest possible gear (without lugging the engine), and a wide-open throttle (less air restriction means more efficiency - the engine doesn't have to work to pull the air past the the throttle butterfly.) They get the best efficiency by shifting as 1500 rpm and flooring it in each gear. Not what you'd expect, but apparently it works. Either way, getting into the highest gear you can as soon as you can will be best, and don't downshift unless the car can't maintain speed in that gear. Reverse uses the most fuel, followed by 1st.

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It isn't as straight forward as that but if you get into fifth as soon as you can without revving the nuts out of your engine then that is the most economical gear. its your foot that eats the fuel
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