Anyone had a static shook off their car lately. I haven't had one for months?


Is honda civic an over rated car or is it the best?

Car tyres that have a low carbon content are more prone to generate static electricity as the charge can not earth to ground. These sort of tyres are likely to give you more grip in the wet and at low temperature as the rubber content is higher

Are led neon lights, for under the car, illegal in CA?

At the moment mine has behaved.

Should there be tougher driving laws?

I thought it was all about what types clothes you wore that then makes friction on you car seat?!?!

Dihydrogen Monoxide, is it safe? and is it an emmission from a hydrogen car?

Yes, I seem to be getting loads.

Does a 1997 front gmc grille fit on a 1997 chevy c1500. without any lighting changes.?

The government will shortly introducing a tax on static electricity.

Is there any advantage to filling street car tires with nitrogen?

Not lately but i used to get them on a more or less regular basis last summer and was really puzzled as to the reason,even had the garage check it out at one time and then one day i mentioned it to a mate who is a bit of a boffin and guess what?it was down to my stretch jeans which had Lycra in them reacting with the material in the seat=static! so i stopped wearing them and no more shocking stuff since LOL!

What pickup truck is the best of alltimes chevy,nissan,ford out of all the trucks wat to u is more better?

I had one last week but come to think ot it, haven't had that many apart from that one. I usually get one at least every other day. No-one else in my family does and they think I just lie about it but how painful is it?
Someone once told me that if you make sure that you hold onto the door whilst you put your foot to the floor you are OK but it doesn't work.

I Took My Driving Test Today And I Passed The Manuverability But Failed The Driving Part!?

Come to think of it, nor've I. I believe that tends to happen more in dry weather. Holding onto the metal of the door while stepping out always stops it for me, it allows that static charge in your body to dissipate through the car's metal.

Truck Driving info?

Never off my car, always off shopping trolleys.
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