when taking your drivers test and your about to parallel park do you have to put a signal light at the spot your going to parallel park so cars in know your going to park there ??????


Were there any other cars that were powered by rotary engines other than ones produced by mazda?


How long does it take to drive from Cronulla to Camden (Sydney Region)?

It may depend on your state but in CO as far as i know yes that and its just a good idea.

Where do I obtain automobile tags for my auto. In Palmetto, florida?

Check your mirrors for traffic. Don’t stop suddenly if a car is close behind you. Signal your stop by flashing your brake lights approximately three times or by using a hand signal.

Why do busses and UPS trucks have their roofs painted white?

You would just stop and then turn your blinker on in the direction that you would be turning into the spot to parallel park just as if you were making a regular turn. They will obviously already know you are reversing into the spot since your reverse lights will be on.
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