Driving your first car?

ok well like it says i just got my car and my parents have been taking me out driving everyday i feal pretty comftorable with the car now and all of that i dont have my lisence yet and was wondering if you think it would be safe if i drove from my community to my friends 200 feet on main road then left turn into his community


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wtf. no licence+break the law= dumbass

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no. They say most accidents happen within 1-5 miles of your house. I wouldn't risk it, cause you never know, it only takes once to screw up. Just be patient and your day will come.

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Don't chance it.... Murphy's law.... It's not Worth getting in trouble with the law when your so close to getting your licence.

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sweety...i wouldn't be careful take it from someone who has experience with this..i had a really nice car that parents gave me when i was 16but then i wrecked it and then my parents "punished" me with a sh*tty car..lol. but be careful........cuz 16 is a critical age...trust me you don't want to loose your permit if you get pulled over....

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I'd just be safe, and wait for your license. I know how it feels waiting what seems like forever, but you'll have your license sooner than you think. Keep practicing with an experienced driver. This will improve your driving skills, which will keep you safer on the road, and will allow your parents to give you more trust once your licensed. It's easy to lose your parent's trust, but very hard to regain that trust. Another thing to think about is that some states will suspend your driving privileges until your 21 if you violate your permit. Good luck, and stay safe.

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NO !! Walk!!!
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