Are Plymouth Neons good with Gas Mileage?

2000 Plymouth Neons are they good at it?


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i own a shop and yes the most of those that i see are real good on gas,they have done really good since they came out,and the newer ones are doing really good also,but if you see one that's not getting good mileage there's something bad wrong with it,good luck i hope this helps.

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Yes, they are nice little cars.

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yeah 2000 is the only year plymouth made neons but they get better than must cars

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I had a Plymoth Neon and I just loved my car !

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Yes, they are excellent w/ gas mileage !

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Yeah, Neon's are good on gas, but bad to blow head gaskets. I've got one, it's currently setting in the front yard with a blown head gasket and everyone I know that has one says they've had a problem with them blowing head gaskets also.

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any 4 banger will get better gas mileage. i owned a Dodge Neon that was awesome and had great power. can't imagine a Plymouth being much different.

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MT or Automatic, the MT(5spd) does best. If it has the MT you could expect upper 30's per gallon on the highway and about 4 MPG less with the automatic.

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They aren't the most comfortable seats but you can amp up the sound and enjoy while saving money at the pumps.

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ASE Cert Auto tech, 30 years, Neon owner

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as long as you keep it tuned up

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I had a 2000 dodge neon 2.0 5 speed with a cold air intake and could easily get around 30 miles per gallon

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My 1997 Neon would get 36 miles per gallon on the high way. around 28 in the city. I really miss that little car. BTW plymouth made neons from 1995 up to the time Plymouth was disbanded. Just in case anyone else thinks plymouth only made neons 1 year.
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