1989 honda prelude motor 2.0 si?

i have a honda prelude 1989 2.0si i only had it for a little while and when i was driving the RPM's when down and the check service soon light came on and now my car wont start i already put in a new main relay switch a mechanic told me it was the timing chain and that it would be best if i get a motor cause if the timing chain broke then the head is no good were can i buy a motor please help as soon as possible


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Don's Auto Mall in NY is good for motors. He's right about the chain but if it breaks and you shut it down immediately you can save the engine. I don't know I would get an engine if that one wasn't cooked. If it needs a chain get a chain. Take it to the dealer or another mechanic for a 2nd opinion. That costs a little but at least you would be sure.
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