97 caddy catera problem?

my aunt drives one of these stupid things nd i hve recently heard tht they are known for having alot of bad (andxpensive)problems...anyone have one or experiance with them?


Some details regarding Petrol/Gasoline Engine? Anyone?

I'm a Caddy fan but In all honesty, avoid the Catera model. They are major pains. It was GM's quick way to start competing with BMW way back when.
The "platform" It's built on is based on GM's German division the OPEL.

Forza motorsport showdown.?

Strangely enough, the current model Pontiac GTO's are built on the Catera/Opel platform but are much, much better car's with Chevy engines and many refinements. I want one.
I do not want a Catera.

How long do I have to wait to trade in my new car?

as a car sales specialist i would tell your grandmother to get rid of it. this is a expensive problem waiting to happen(as in needing a engine rebuild) this is one car that caddy wished they had never built.

Squeaky noise in dash?

cadillacs are nice new but once they get about 4 years old stuff goes wrong and it becomes to much to keep up with all the problems and they lose resale value really fast dump the car and fast the problems are only going to get worse
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