Are motorcycles better for the environment than cars?

Assume that each vehicle only carries one person, and they each travel the same number of miles. Say, 1000 miles.

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I heard that motorcycles use 2-cycle engines, which causes for worse pollution, but considering motorcycles' better gas mileage, my guess is that motorcycles would still be better than cars. Does anyone know for sure?


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Depends on the motorcycle. You can purchase road bikes that have Cat converters on them (BMW for one) - good for the environment and use less fuel than a car carrying only 1 person.

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Older bikes, out of tune or 2 strokes - not better for the environment.

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some dirt bikes are 2 stroke, but all road bikes are 4 strokers. theyre smaller engines and give off way less emissions

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Considering they use less fuel generally, i would think that they are more environmentally friendly. But my friends say that they are worse in the noise pollution field!
I'm a motorcycle person, so I hope they are better. Hope it helps! :)

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no catalytic converters on bikes..The pollute like crazy...2 cycle motorcycles? u know little, 95 % are 4 stroke
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