Anoybody know about the KIA Sportage?

My husband is looking at a KIA sportage (95 model) to commute to work. I was hoping someone knows something about their dependability. I've heard some bad things about them, but I don't know if they're true. They're supposedly cheap cars, but I want to know if it's going to leave him on the side of the road. It checks out with the mechanic, but that could change. Please, let me know anything you know. Thanks!!


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The brand new Sportages (2006 - present) are fine, but the older ones are awful. The vehicle was so bad, and plagued with so many problems that it almost killed the company. There is a good reason why used Kias of that age are so cheap. They are crap. It is probably the worst used car you can buy. Don't believe me -- check Consumer Reports or

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the older ones are not safe or reliable they are cheap because no one really wants them anymore they are cars that break down alot the new model's are great but are alot more money i would have to say keep looking because a old sprotage is bad enough and thenits also 12 years old keep looking
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