Whitch Gas Station has the best Gasoline Esso, Shell, Sunoco, or Petro Canada?

I sometimes confused where to fill up my car at what Gas Station?


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"AMEN" to "Trollkepr". His answer is absolutely, positively correct!
The belief that one brand of gasoline is "better", or that "my car runs better on (fill in the brand) gas" is a great big myth. The only difference between the brands is the dyes and additives mixed into it.

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He is also correct about grades of gasoline. Almost every modern computer controlled automobile is designed to run CORRECTLY on 87 octane unleaded gasoline. Very, very few cars "need" premium grade gas. Every one who says their car "runs better" on premium gas is delusional, and wasting their money.

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When I need gas I buy the cheapest stuff I can find, and my car run just great on it.

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It is the only one I've heard of out of those others mentioned.

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the dirty little secret is they all get their gas from the same place. As long as you go to a name brand station you will probably get good gas. The problems happen when the stations tanks get low and you get dirt or water in your gas. That can happen anywhere. If your car pings on regular gas, you might get a middle grade of gas. there is almost no reason anymore to get premium gas.

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The gasoline comes out of the same pipeline. Measure your mileage over a whole gas tank--it won't make a difference.

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In my cars, 87 octane gets about 10% better mileage than 85 octane. 87 is only 3% cheaper. Go with that. I haven't personally tested 89 octane yet.

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it's all the same. i went to pet can because it was full serve the entire time i lived in canada. but esso was close and open 24/7 and i'd go there at night. go where the best price is.

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go which ever is closer. in truth they are all really the same.

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esso is exxon. shell is shell. and i believe petro can is chevron. i forget - i haven't lived in canada for 2 years now. ugh we didn't have sunoco...

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It may be true that gasoline comes from the same original source, but the different companies add different things to it.
Petro-can is originally a creation of the Canadian government, our very own gasoline retailer. They bought the facilties of Petro Fina of Finland, and grew enormously with so many more stations ever since. Petro-Canada is more privatized now, so partial ownership is by foreign stakeholders.

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Petro-can adds detergents and fuel-line antifreeze. Petro-can is good when we have extremely cold weather.

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Sunoco adds 10% ethyl-alcohol, "ethanol" which is made from corn or agricultural plants, so there is less of the environmentally bad chemicals in it like sulphur (which would make sulphur dioxide leading to acid rain) and tar which is in petroleum and which would dirty up the inside of your engine. Sunoco has relatively less dependence on oil (from the political mid-east) and Sunoco helps support North American farmers buying corn or other plant products. Petro-can adds detergents to clean your engine, but whats it doing to our air ?
I've heard that shell supports human-rights abusers in small countries.

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Octane levels, different grades of gasoline? I find a huge difference in performance, especially concerning acceleration.
If you do a lot of city driving, avoid the very high 94 octane. Racing cars use 97 or higher octane. Of course there is a difference. You may accelerate too fast, into a surprise accident. I find the 94 octane too powerfull for city driving that has a lot of stop and go, and surprises like other cars or pedestrians doing odd things, but its super for long highway trips. If you go on a long highway trip, or carry heavy loads, the highest octane will last longer, will give you better acceleration for passing or to pull yourself from a near-accident, and overall driving on the highway on a long trip, you won't have to press the accelerator as much. I find the low grade gas just wastes my time. For general mixed purposes, mid-grade gas gets me overall best performance.

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Gas quality varies as they have found a way to put more water in the fuel , thereby lowering the mileage. I Like the premium sunoco combined with racing fuel. This racing fuel has about 112 octane but be warned it's about $5-6 bucks a gallon and you can only use 1/4 gal per tank. It will drastically increase your vehicles mileage and performance.

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I deal with Petro Canada. Cause I feel that their gas is a bit cleaner. the gas may come from the same plant but I was told most gas stations plants or companies add their own ingredient to make their purchased gas unique. Round here in Alberta, Canada. Shell and Petro Canada are believed to be the highest grade of gasoline

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