Advice for my fellow drivers- use common sense?

I was travelling out to the college I attend here in Georgia last week. I happened to have my 2 year old daughter with me- my husband was to meet me at the school to watch her while I went to class. When I exited off the interstate, I needed to merge over a lane. I checked to make sure nobody was in my blind spot, then got over. Well, as I was merging left, another car decided to merge right and almost sideswiped me. We came to a redlight; as we did, the driver of the other car pulls up beside me and proceeds to yell and curse at me. I roll my eyes and keep driving. As we go through the intersection, she cuts me off, then slams on brakes in front of me to try and make me rear-end her. She has no tags on her car. Three other times she tries to side-swipe me and run me off the road. I was beyond angry at the fact that she was acting so ignorant- not to mention the fact that she was putting my 2 yr old in danger.


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That is an example of road rage. Sometimes things happen and it only takes a split second for things to change.
It was a near miss, there was NO reason for her to continue to follow you or try to sideswipe your car. It was ignorance at its best. Congrats to you for not playing her game, and being just as ignorant.

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Why do people think that just because they have kids in the car there special. You act like it wasn't your fault but the other driver would not had acted the way they did unless you cut them off.

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This is plain and simple the chick in the other car has issues and also was wanting to get in a wreck why do you think she had no tags. Probably not using her signal or you would have seen it. Stupid drivers like that she was in a hurry and you should do all the work she never heard the term drive defensively not like yo own the freakin' road.AArrgh, she is the definition of Road Rage, she tried to piss you off, you held on good work...Next tiem get a description of the car as you are trying to avoid it.

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It is good no one got hurt. Keep your eyes peeled

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Yes, I've met those types of drivers - I usually turn at the next intersection no matter if I have children in the car or not. In my youth and before concealed carry, sometimes I would smile and wave like they are my long-lost buddy, they sure did get surprised when I did that.
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