Which is better for your car super charged or turbo charged?


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Everybody so far is partially right. Superchargers and turbochargers both compress your intake air, they just use different means. Turbos have lag, and so do twin turbos. Using 2 just means you use smaller turbos so they have lower intertia, so hopefully they spin up faster. The Bugatti Veyron uses 4 turbos, with the same concept in mind.

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Turbos get hot, and need oil cooling; and if you run them hard and don't cool down afterwards, they can freeze up (happened to a friend). Superchargers run straight off a fan belt just like any other accessory. They spin up without delay, but you can run into belt slippage issues if you are trying to run too much boost on an overdive pulley without a toothed belt.

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Because you're compressing the intake air, the air heats up regardless of which you use; and intercoolers benefit both setups. Also, compressing the intake charge means more stress on your pistons, rings, connecting rods, main bearings, crankshaft, and everything else down the line.

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So, better performance comes from Superchargers, but both add stress to your car. The supercharger will probably stress your driveline components more than turbos, but turbos will probably make your engine run hotter.

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Neither one will improve your gas mileage. More power comes from sucking more gas, not running leaner on the same gas with more air.

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If I had a choice I'd choose supercharging. No turbo-lag when i accelerate...instant power with a supercharger. Look at it this way...they use blowers in TopFuel....not turbocharging.

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I don't exactly know what you mean by 'better'. easier on it, more power? what?

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I personally would go with a turbo. Twin turbo. Have one for low end power and one for high end power. That way, there is no turbo lag. And much better gas mileage.

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Well since your question is for my car. I would definately go for a supercharger. Because i have a mustang and it would give me power from the start instead of having to wait until the turbo boost up.

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Superchargers are the most efficient and last much longer than turbo chargers. Turbo's use the exhaust gasses to drive then and the heat gradually wears them out. Superchargers use some of the engine power to drive them, but the return is higher power. Superchargers work to compress th intake air and do not require an inter cooler to cool this air down.
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