1/4 mile race record?

wat was the fastest time for a 1970 chevrolet chevelle ss in the 1/4 mile

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i heard it was 7.23


Could you apply for your provisional before you are actually 16 if so how many months or days before?

Don't know. But I use to own one. '70 Chevelle SS 396 4-speed. Had a bench seat. Rare.

Fake car alarm?

7.23? Maybe 1/8 mile, but not 1/4 mile. You are talking stock, are you not? My guess would be around 11.4 in the quarter. That's Stock Eliminator.

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Showroom stock on street tires..about 13.12.

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If your talking Real Chevelle body it was 7.13 in 1996. Not sure which track it was at. I just remember reading the artical on it. It was alcohol driven.

What is the name of that car brand?

Stock, built, or just the body?

DILEMMA.. Okay, so I'm building up my nest egg so that I can buy a new car in the next couple of years, but I

maybe with a jet engine in trunk

How long will it might take??

stock 396 4 barrel would be in the mid 12s @ about 110 mph
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