Any info on a 1996 Geo Prizm??

im looking to purchase a 1996 Geo Prizm with 135,000 miles for $1500. Is this a good deal?? any known problems associated with these cars?? how safe are they? any info would be great. thanx people..


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The Chevrolet Geo/ Prizm and the Toyota Corolla were produced on the same production line out of Freemont CA. What was good for the Corolla applied to the Geo. Be sure to check when the timing belt was replaced as they both had what is called in the trade, an interference engine and if the belt goes, the valves would be bent while in motion and the engine would have further damage. They were good cars and $1500 is a fair price. If purchased, have the seller put through state inspection and a warranty/guarantee for at least 1000 miles and / or 3 months.

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the older prisms are OK cars, the 1500 is alittle steep, I would guess considering the mileage, around 900 to 1100, no more

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I personally would not buy any GM, but I suppose they are good cars, I believe it is a 3 cyliner, around 80 hp. Very economical and that is it. I believe they are also pretty solid, but vey weak, change the timing belt as soon as you get it, they dont last long.

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Best of Luck!

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the geo prizm is basically a toyota corolla built by GM in california. so long as the car's in good shape & will pass safety inspection, you could do a lot worse. i sell parts for a living, & dont get many calls on these. when i do, it's just brake parts. check for safety & reliability info.

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i own a repair shop,and that's a lot of miles for one of them cars to have on it for that price there pretty good little cars to own ,and real cheap to operate,but if you have any engine problems from it at all, a good used engine is real hard to come by for those,and its 11 years old remember this,i think you probably could find a better deal on one somewhere else,and probably get a lot more car for your money also i have owned one of those before,and when there right they are very dependable,but when they tear up,there almost considered to be a throw away car,most of the time there not worth fixing,so i wouldn't get in to much of a hurry about buying this one,there not a very safe car either,they cant be,you have to take the size of them in to consideration,and how there built,do your self a favor,and look around a little before you buy this one,good luck i hope this helps.

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