Apologizing in traffic accidents?

I just been in an accident, in which I crashed into a girl's car. It was considered my fault and I was given a ticket. I didn't get her contact information at the crash site. my questions are?
Is there a way to get her contact info to apologize to her based on my case number?
People always tell me not to admit fault and tell me horrible stories about people getting sued because they apologized. but now I am already at fault and I even contacted my insurance to make sure they will pay her expenses. Am i still be doing a horrible legal mistake if I apologized or what


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If the Police made a report, you can get it from them. If the insurance co. is going to pay her, they must have all of the info.

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Don,t listen to those that are trying to scare you into not apologizing. You don't have to say it was all your fault, even if it was. Just say you are sorry it all happened and wish that it didn't. Then, you can respond to however she reacts. If she gets nasty, walk away with your head down like you are sad. If she says thanks, I really appreciate your coming forth, then perhaps a long friendship will result.

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Y'know, that's the problem in to days society. Too many nasty people. If there were more like you, this would be a better world.

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Good Luck.

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You have no reason to apologize, your insurance is giving that **** money! No need for apologizes!

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Depends who you crashed into. Most people would feel better about an apology. If she is a REAL git, she might yell at you, or sue you, for it. Personally, I believe that it is a good decision you are making, not many men can apologize to a girl. Pride corrupts them. You go!

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Crashes happen, it's a fact of life! It is a common mistake and that's it! That is why you have insurance! It has all been handled. You are not evil for it, everyone has done it.
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