Are there any gas saving gadget that really works? What about the turbonator?


Can someone tell me the average mpg on a 1998/2001 v6 and v8 camaro?

No. According to that myth show on the Discovery Channel (I forget what it is called) there's not.

The system for removing wheel drums of a bedford coach?

Just earlier this week they did a whole episode on this very subject. They tried all the gimmicks you hear about and not a one of them worked.

Did ya'll know that on the gas gauge, there is an arrow pointing to the side of the car where the gas cap is?

So, save your money.

Anyone know where I can find this kind of car?

No not really.

What would be a good small truck for a young girl?

A product called Gumout will work. If you get the entire package instead of just the liquid poured into the gas tank it will make a difference.

Property taxes verses VIN numbers.?

waiste of cash

How do I convince my Daughter that I'm not a mechanic?

Turbonator is a scam.
Very moderate increases can be had by cleaning your fuel system.
Also a slight increase will follow getting a better air filter, maybe even a CAI, but not enough to justify the expense.

What will happen if i were to touch a tire straight after a burnout?

A more effective method is to spend no money and just make a few little changes:
Drive the speed limit, or a bit less if the limit is over 45mph. Unload any excess junk from your car. Keep your tires inflated properly. Dont accelarate too quickly.
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