Age restriction?!?

how old do you have to be for a cab to come pick you up? can you be under 18?


Can i hire a car in the UK with a drink driving offence on my licence?

yes you can because then like 100 thousand people under age would be hella walking

What do 15 year old need in life?

funnny question. u can be 8 year old and a cap can give you up.

Is it possible for someone to have an ignition cut off switch for there car and it affect my car?

You can be as young as you want to call a cab, however, it might be kind of frightening for a young girl that is like 6 years old to ride alone with a stranger.

If you have a rear wheel drive car, what is the best thing to do to prepare the vehicle for the winter season?

as long as you have money you will get a ride!
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