Are Neon valve caps legal?

I have just bought some purple Neon Valve caps!! Sad I know!!
It was suggested today by a friend that they are ILLEGAL! Does anyone know if they are Legal, or not?
Many thanks x


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not legal. read the package, says "not street legal" or "for show use only"

Do you drive? And if yes then what make is it?

i think thay are illegal...
if they are the things i am thinking about...
lol sorry i am a girl and kinda know what you are talking about...
they are the things that go under your car and make the little lights right??
lol those are COOL sad that the are illgal i wonder why...

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No, they're ILLEGAL. On the pack, it should say something along the lines of "Off-road use only".

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I don't know why, but no neon lighting is allowed for vehicles.

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It's are other drivers going to mistake you for the emergency servies if you've got purple lights? Or any other colour thats available (that doesn't clash with the services), i.e. pink, white, purple, etc. Oh well, the law is the law.

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There is a thin line between lgeal and illegal when it comes to car lighting,Valve caps are by far illegal because they sho a non standard colour to the side of the vehicle,If they were orange then that would be ok,Now underfloor lighting however is in a similar thing in that,You can drive round with various colours around the car provided that all that can be seen from around the vehicle is the reflection on the road,If you can see the light itself then no

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I doubt that they are legal. I do know in KY it is illegal to have red or blue lights on the interior of your car or on the front. I also wonder about those windshield washer lights that some people have.

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Those lights may look cool, but they give the cops a good reason to stop you. I learn a long time ago it is better to go unnoticed than to draw unwanted attention to yourself. Illegal lights, loud exhausts, etc. I had 2 million candle power lights on the front, so if someone didn't dim their brights, I'd hit them with a little instant day light. Needless to say, it was a cop that didn't dim the lights.

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Try and fly under the radar. Good luck

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Look at Construction and Use regulations. You will find that allowed lights are White at the front, red at the back, amber for turn indicators, and must be fixed location (except front lamps that move with the steering). No exceptions.
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