Aftermarket rims and tires?

I just bought a 1995 Eclipse. And the previous owner replaced the rims of the car to 17"s. Does this affect my speed. I read somewehre earlier that there is a difference. Im young and don't need a ticket


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Depends on whether or not the overall diameter has changed. If they put the right size tires on the car it should be ok. An eclipse on 17s I believe would need something in the neighborhood of 225/45R17 tires to keep the speedo correct, but you really need to know what size the stock tires were. If you find that out (should be in the owners manual or printed on the door jamb with the tire pressure info) and then you can find an online "tire diameter calculator" and compare the two. I doubt there will be a major difference, unless the tires are rediculously tall tires the difference wont be more than 10 percent (6 mph at 60) and its rare to see that much of a difference.

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