Who thinks like Germany we should have our own Autobahn?

70 just isnt fast enough!!


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Yes, we need a few roads with a minimum speed of 70 mph, no speed humps, no congestion charges, no cameras, no schoolkids/elderly/deer crossing.

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Just miles and miles of empty tarmacked bliss for motorists to play on. :)

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I completely agree. Now THAT'S a highway I wouldn't mind paying tolls for

this is going to sounds pretty strange.....?

I think it will never happen, and 70 is fast enough. The fact is the majority of people don't actually travel at 70 on a motorway, do they?If you put the speed limit up you'll get people thinking they can do 110, 120 mph and get away with it.

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If you have the space and the infrastructure why not.
German autobahns are indeed without speed limit but for that they are super well maintained, wide lanes, often have 4 lanes (sometimes up to 5), they have sloped curves like at a racing circuit at certain places. Imagine trying to upgrade your current motorways or building new ones to accomplish this. you're looking at years and years of work and just as much time traffic problems due to road works. If you're willing to suffer that no problem by me.

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I drive fast, but I hear the Autobahn isn't really fast anymore due to way too much traffic. And, there are roads with higher speed limits. I'm in California and usually drive with all the other cars in my lane going about 85 to 90. Wyoming and Montana are usually about the same speed, and the cops in Montana don't seem to care, though Wyoming is a different story ... but then you have to live in these places to enjoy their laxness.

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I enjoy driving fast, and it's obvious to me that a lot of other people do, too. Radar detectors are nice ...

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70 is fast enough petrolhead. 50 to 60 is more envionmentally friendly.

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Beaause there are too many drivers in this country that cannot drive, and will end up on them causing big problems.

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either go to the dessert or get a car fast enought that no one can catch

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Most Americans are incapable of maintaining control of a car at autobahn speeds. Our current licensing system rewards stupidity, so even if a driver was capable of sustained autobahn-like speeds, that person would be sharing the road with a collection of idiot teenagers, stoners, drunks, 90 year olds, and all manner of people who could not pass anything close to a German driving test. The federal, state, and local governments are incapable of maintaining roads that could sustain high-speed traffic, and in their current configuration, American highways are simply not designed for high-speed traffic. They would need to be rebuilt completely. To pay for it, our motor fuels would cost at least twice what they do now, simply due to taxes.
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