Another Window Tinting Question?

Does anyone know of a good website that has pictures of the different tint shades?

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I'm wanting to have the windows tinted on my 2007 Corolla. The legal limit in Texas (I think) is 25% in the front and front 2 windows and no limit in the back. I don't want a drastic difference though on the front and the back but I'm not sure I want it all the same. Does anyone know of a website that has some good pictures of the differences? (I'm not having much luck finding one.) Thanks!


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There is a cool tool where you pass your mouse over the tint level and it shows you what the tint looks like from the inside of the car.

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I found that 35% in the front and Double layered limo tint in the back works well. The only time anyone can see in the car is if they are right by the side looking in the front. It looks cool from the front, you see all dark.

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Go to the website "" it is the site for Blair's Window tinting in Dallas, and it will tell you EVERYTHING you could ever want to know about having your Texas registered car 's windows tinted.
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