Are ignition modules on rover623s all the same.thank you.?

i wondered if i could get one from scrap yard ?


Tinted windows ticket?

If you mean Electronic Management Units - then the answer is no.

Who would win out of 2007 corvette Z06 vs 2007 Lamborghini Murcielago?

They are each coded to the individual car - you can get one from a scrapyard bearing the same MKU** number but might need to take it to a Rover dealer to be re programmed - doesn't cost a great deal but is a pain.

Don't you hate it when.?

** MKU 2345 2345 2345
is not the same as

Custom car decals loosing stickiness?

MKU 2345 2345 2346

Watchu be doin rite bout nah, dawg?

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