A fender bender?

I just came home and was parking. I put the right blinker on and put the car in reverse and started parking. This jerk behind tried to hurry up and go around me and he did, but then he had to stop due to the line of cars waiting in front of the traffic light.
I slightly scraped his back fender.
He said he was literally sitting on his horn, which I didn't hear (music too loud, I guess).
Is it my fault or not?


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if you were in reverse gear & moving....then I am affraid it is your fault....sorry,...don... let it ruin your day...it,s just a car!

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If his car was not moving and your was it is your fault

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You admit to hitting the other car... "I slightly scraped his back fender''...

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As much as it was an accident (that is why they are called "accidents") you are the one at fault.

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These things happen, to "jerks" as well as to the "distracted."

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Yeah, you should have been more careful. I mean, the guy in front of you should have been too, but still, it's not like he backed up and hit your front bumper, and even if this was the case, it never looks good for the person behind. The court will not side with you.
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