Are electric cars really the answer to America's green house gas problem?

Although we may have a problem with the rise of green house gases, are our cars the biggest problem we have as a contributor to that? I feel that the idea of electric cars is a step towards helping our problem, but have we put into consideration a)how much a car of this stamina would cost a consumer b) how much the price of electricity will increase with more people becoming dependent on these cars c) the long term effects that these "new" electric cars will have, not only on our population but on the economy d) repair and maintenance for these vehicles e) the price of production.etc. I'm sure you understand what I'm getting at. Although the economy looks promising, the people who are making it that way are your head haunchos at large firms, not the blue collar workers who have to WORK to make things run smoothly. I feel that no ordinary person would ever feel comfortable enough to purchase a car as one of these "proposed" electric/hydrogen/bio-degradab... corn syrup cars.


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Yes, EVs are the best answer to the greenhouse gas problem - nothing is more efficient than an EV, and therefore nothing is cheaper or cleaner to drive around. I'll address each of your points:
A] A car of this 'stamina' will not COST the consumer, it will save money. I drive an EV myself. It only costs a penny or two per mile for electricity (higher efficiency, therefore more miles on fuel.) Much cheaper than gas.

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Don't assume eletcric cars have not changed in 30 years. Here's a modern EV:
The Phoenix electric pickup truck - using new, advanced Altairnano batteries (based on research from MIT) - can:

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-Travel up to 250 miles per charge
-Carry 5 passengers plus cargo at 95mph.
-Charges batteries in as little as TEN MINUTES.
-Has batteries that last 250,000 miles (never need replacement.)
B] If electricity goes up (which will take a long time), put a small solar panel on your garage. They're not that expensive, and you will then be able to drive around for ZERO cents per mile and ZERO emissions.

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C] Well, I think not paying high gas prices will have a good effect on the economy. The effect on the economy will be worse if we let the Chinese take the electric car market - they are already mass-producing cheap EVs, and trying to import them. Here's some - note prices start at only $6500:
D] Electric vehicles are far easier and cheaper to maintain. Electric motors have only ONE moving part, and can go decades with no repairs. No oil changes, filters, coolant, etc, NONE of that stuff is needed. My own EV is 25 years old, and the electric motor has never been serviced.

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E] EVs are less complex to build than gas cars, the motors are far simpler. EVs are only expensive because the ones on the road now are not mass-produced. They will be cheap when they are factory built, just like the $6500 Chinese electric cars from the link above.

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No. Greenhouse gases are created when making the electricity to power these cars. (gas and coal fired electric plants) The only solution to pollution is reduction of the world population to what the biosphere can sustane, about one hundreth of today's population. people = pollution

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Are they an answer to the WORLDS green house problem?
No, but they are a step in the right direction. With any advance in technology regardless of the sector, when it is first released it is extremely expensive. As other firms "copy" the innovator's ideas things become mass produced and thus cheaper. Your reasoning is sound however you mentioned the effects of a broad-scale change would have on the consumer. We are in a constant state of change as technology advances. Basically it's not a question of whether or not our cars/energy production is going to change, the question instead is When?

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In addition, "the man" you mentioned or the head haunchos at large firms specifically Oil Companies and Car companies have been lobbying to keep things status quo. Why? Because they get rich that way!

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We are going to have to change, and change will bring about some hardships like you mentioned but it will also bring about positive effects as well. How about the effects it will have on earth for us as well as our children? Not to mention weining us off foreign oil (which us the consumer has to pay too much for especially considering the monopoly like OPEC)
I'm not saying hydrogen/electric/biodeisel/et... etc is going to be the solution, but rather that for every scientific breakthrough there are a bunch of prototypes/ideas that just don't cut the mold.

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No. The dependency on fossil fuel is the problem. If we could generate electricity from other sources like solar, wind and even nuclear, this would be the biggest reduction of green house gas. With "green" power, then we could start to look at electric cars.

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Not at this time. Because the current design of large electric motors are actually less efficient than an internal combustion engine and have to drag around the additional weight of the batteries.
You have to remember that the electricity must come from somewhere and mostelectricity in the world is still generated by burning fossil fuels.
There are several alternatives that are not being emphasized due mainly to political reasons. Nuclear power is out because of the problems with the waste material. Solar power can be used in some areas to provide extra energy during peak daytime demand periods ( An interesting and effective solar power generator was developed years ago in Saudia Arabia.)
One particularly promising technology is the bio-Fuel concept. Plants actually remove CO2 ( a major greenhouse gas ) from the atmosphere. Many plants produce oils that can be used to power internal combustion engines.
Heres an idea...
In the American West, there are large tracts of property, owned by the government, that are remnents of the homestead act.These properties are pretty much non arrible ( meaning you can't grow crops there). Set up some air-tight green houses, use solar power to run machinery that extracts CO2 from the air and enriches the CO2 insode the green houses. Grow plants in the green houses that have been genetically altered to thrive in a high CO2 environment, and produce an oil that is suitable for fuel. Solar power could be used to harvest and extract the fuel from the adult plant.
This is not as far-fetched as it may sound. There are some South American plants, similar to the yew, that produce an oil which is usable in place of kerosene.
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