Any ideas on how to go to the prom?

i leave school this year and we have a prom but im not sure how im getting there yet. i want something original, not just a nice car. got any ideas?


Why do people keep their headlights on all day?

The kids up the street were able to contract with a bus company that provided a specialty type bus that had lots of open space. It only cost about $20/couple, and the bus company threw in free soda and snacks! They loved it and had a great time.

When was the last time you went on public transport:?

wheelbarrow or rollerskates

How is the Pennsylvania CDL permit test?

a hot air balloon would be an original way.

How big is the space (length and width) for parallel parking on the drivers test?

horse and carridge or a limo

Which car has active cruise control option?

Parachute in in a tandem jump.

Car rentals?

How about fire engine limo?

Serene792 is a dumb **** wannabe. my car can take his any day.?

You could hire a horse drawn carriage.

Ignition keys with a chip are too large to carry around?

I went to my prom in a hummer limo. Huge. So you can have all your friends in there. we had 14 and it fit 18. And the cool part was there was only one service in town that had the hummer limo, so we were the only ones that prom that had it. and we were the first to use it, it arrived from las Vegas that morning of my prom. I think its a pretty good way to go to prom .

Where can i find trucks with bodies made to transport large panel of glass?

Whatever you do DON'T get a limo - they're so common and trashy and all your peers will have them.

Exactly how does driving in the lowest gear in bad weather help you keep you from sliding?

If you want to go romantic with your date, then get a horse and carriage. If it's just a couple of mates then get a nice new Rolls Royce or Bentley to take you - so much classier than the usual tired old Lincoln Town Cars or even worse a Hummer or stretched chevvie van

What will be the Taxi Fare from Mumbai International Airport - Shirdi - Back to Airport?

You could go environmentally friendly and hire a Segway...

Are motorcycles better for the environment than cars?

If there's lots of you, there are several party buses like another person mentioned - that would be like having a party on your school bus before and after the prom...

When changing gears on a manual, do you release the clutch all the way before applying the gas?

Helicopter. Sweep the area with a spotlight, hover over your friends, and then land in the parking lot.

How do I send a bicycle from Fife to Glasgow(no rider)?

Guaranteed the coolest. Probably will set you back $500-$1000, but heck you only go to one prom.

What does BMW stands for?


Is it true if you are 21 and you just got your drivers permit?

Vintage car,trike, horse drawn carriage, you can even hire a fire engine these days

Which is the costliest car in the world?

Cheapest way and very original, hire a nice white pony and you will be the belle of the ball.
You could get an Annie Oakland hat at the same time.

Driving School?

a cadillac

Cars driven off end of road?

Rent a hearse - that's always a big attraction.
Yes, it's commonly done and has been for many years.

Could you apply for your provisional before you are actually 16 if so how many months or days before?

just go on a float with you sitting in the middle full costume and your king neptune for the day beats every body in limo
then change to your formal attire

What is the highest speed every attained by a human?

Horse & Buggy (No seriously)

What do you think about...?

My daughter & date & friends rented a limosene for prom nite one year.That's a thought. It's different but comfortable. No one had to worry about being pulled over for DUI. It was safe. Im not condoning drinking...but we all know it may happen. Be safe & have fun.

How do indy engines made for indy cars make so much power?

Horse drawn carriage. Definately different.
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