Advantages and disadvantages of automobile?

describe the advantages and disadvantages of own a car.


Does any one know where i can buy a big play boy sticker from for the back window of my car?


Need Car Alarm EXPERT advice?

Freedom to travel when and where you want.
Comfort of your own place, music, etc.
Fast means of travel (compared to bike, walking, etc.).
Less expensive than many means of travel (i.e. airplane)

Acceleration question on a auto shift car?


Does honda own acura or does acura own honda?

Environmental impacts through carbon emissions.
Risk of accidents (as compared to bike, walking, etc).
More expensive than most mass transit (gas, maintainance).

If tomarrow we ran out of gasoline and you had to use>>>?

i can go any where any time i want or need to.
it is cheaper than mass transit..
i don't have to ride with people i don't know or want to know.

What is the best DAY and TIME to book a practical driving test (uk) for?

no disadvantage
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