Are road legal quads motorway legal ?


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Quads are normally taxed under the agricultural vehicle classification which means they are not allowed on motorways.

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i dont hink anything with an engine size of 850cc or less is allowed on motorways, so if it is 1000cc , cant see why not !

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My boyfriends got one and I asked a police officer and even he didn't have a clue. I checked on the web and it says yes an some pages and no on others, best bet is to contact the DVLA.

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God, I hope not, the motorways are bad enough without that kind of thing adding to the mayhem.

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as a biker soley concerned with sports bikes i honestly dont know. but i do know a quad wont have the power to manouvere or out accelerate out of trouble on a motorway. a bit like a step through trying to over take on the outside lane against a vauxall astra. 4 wheels so close together on a short wheel base means trouble. keep it to A roads and B roads. a motorway isnt the place for quads.

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On a UK motorway, your vehicle has to be capable to doing at least 50 MPH
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  • Are road legal quads motorway legal ?
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