Advice for new female long haul truck driver.?


British Land speed record?

Short of BE CAREFUL?? Well lets see- one of my dearest firend is a td- she has been one for the past 4 years. From the stories she has said is to watch your pay (some companies still arent into equal pay for equal work), lock up your cab if you are sleeping in it at night. Keep your cell phone charged. Keep accurate records. Whenever you can, have a passenger. Dont pick up walkers. Dont try to overdo it just to prove the guy drivers wrong. I say this because too many times as women we have to "prove" ourselves if employed in a mans environment. Just be yourself, take plenty of pictures and keep accurate logs. Keep in touch with family and firends so they know where you are!

I know its illegal to use a phone while driving.?

Trust your gut too- if something doesnt feel right- it isnt!

What gases come out of NEW diesels.?

Good luck and congrats!!

Besides Plastic what material are cars and trucks made from?

You wont have a problem finding male "friends" at the truckstops.

Are drivers (with chaufer licences) of busses with 24 or fewer seats required to keep log books?

Find a partner, live in your truck for a few years to save money and then used saved money to put down on a house and find another job.
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