How fast do Nascar drivers go?


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Depends on the track. The can reach speeds in excess of 200mph on the super speedways. Nascar limits the topend speeds by requiring restrictor plates for safety reasons.

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During qualifying on superspeedways such as Talledega,some drivers can reach over 200mph,but during a race the average speed is around 180mph.

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usually takes them abouyt 30-45 seconds in the afternoon, as long as a minute and a half in the morning, and if they've been drinking, and under extreme circumstances, driver Matt Kenseth has been known to 'go' for over 2 minutes at a time.

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if you meant speed-wise in their cars, more like 200mph or so.

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As fast as they can drive. That is usually around 200 mph give or take a few MPH at the Superspeedways, like Daytona and Arlington. Don't let anybody tell you they drive much faster than that, as it just isn't possible, given the limitation of the cars.

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on the larger tracks, like daytona, they go 200 mph.
on the smaller ones, like bristol, they go around 160mph.

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the cars and trucks both are capable of over 200mph but some tracks limit them with restricter plates that cut intake air. depending on what track their running on between 140 mph - 200 mph

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Normally they run between 175 and 220 mph depending on the track. If you are Michael Waltrip and the 55 NAPA Toyota, you go zero mph in some races.
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