Anybody know who much a uk driving test cost these days?


Do the people that put Harley stickers on their Toyota cars also have a Toyota sticker on their Harley ?

The answer above is almost right - he forgot it is £58 for a weekend and also for a weekday evening test (same rule applies for the disqualified drivers extended test)!

Cars market?

I think it is about £50 but don't quote me on that!

BMW 535I Manual 88-92?

£47 for a monday to friday
£55 for a weekend
Good luck! x

I need a good truck!!!?

All in all ......around £ 800.00

Help Me,,! this is hard!!!?

these are the correct prices for the practical test
weekday £48.50
weekend £58.00

What is the best way to handle a leased vehicle that has been driven way over the mileage limit?

£21.50 until sep 3 2007 then its £28.50

How can i get 1200 HP out of a viper v-10 or a plain old v-8?

weekday £97
weekend £116
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