Am i supposed to drive it like a stickshift?

my infinity q45t has that gears like so:
so does it mean i can drive it like a stick?
i just noticed it today so... i drove it like that.
is that the way its supposed to be used or am i doing something wrong?

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does this type of thing have a name like "dual driving .."?
thanks =-)



You have an automatic transmission. Put the gear selector in drive and forget about it. The designation 1 and 2 means you can manually lock the trans in either of these two gears. It's
helpful for driving in mud, sand, snow or the biggie drag racing. If you start in manual low #1. you should shift to #2. gear when your motor hits the red line on the tachometer. Use the same pattern from #2 to #3. You'll be over any speed limit in America if you shift from #3. to drive.

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Unless an experienced driver shows you how to do this forget it and stick the transmission in D = drive and everything is taken care of automatically!

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No you should not, this isn't a shift it yourself automatic like the newer model auto trans

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come over to my house and ill teach you how to drive the stick shift baby... :)

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Where's Reverse? Almost all automatic cars have 123 d or overdrive; neutral and park. You can't drive it like a shift without a clutch!

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It's not for that... You can... but this could damage your engine if repeatedly done.

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Generally, this is a feature on many cars/vans/trucks to help with towing.

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no just put it in d and that means drive or you can put it in manual but thats not a stick u can change the gears by yourself though (put in d(drive) it will work better)

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No... you drive it just like any other automatic.

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and check your owner's manual... it may describe special situations where you'd use any of the other gears...

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D is what you'd use for all general driving.

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3 is best if you're in the mountains and climbing long grades.

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2 and 1 are best if you're stuck in snow or need to keep speeds low.

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but just use D for most/all of the time.

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u can drive me like a stick shift
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