Which car should I buy?

I am sick of dealing with poor American quality, and I'm going to buy a new car. I'm considering the Honda Civic Si, Acura RSX, Scion Tc, and the Mitsubishi Eclipse. Does anyone have any information as to how these cars compare as far as quality and features go? Which car would you buy and why??


veteran cars r n poroducts by wade how maney series wear made in a set how meney?

From the cars you've mentioned, I'd say I like the Acura RSX, then the Civic Si, Mitsubishi Eclipse, and lastly the Scion Tc. the seats are awesome on the Acura RSX and Eclipse. Get the RSX Type S or the Civic Si. (I hope you know how to drive a manual transmission b/c I am almost sure thats what the Civic Si is, and Acura RSX type S are.)

where can i find info on uk based companies who provide nitros tuning for cars?

Most of the cars you are looking at have there ownership based in the USA.
It's the same as any others.

So really, which car is better?

i like the mistubishi eclipse iv heard it is a great car

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buy a honda there great cars and they last forever

cars..hot wiring.. tell me everything..?

have you ever stopped to wonder if its really the way your maintaining your vehicle? or if its been purchased used how the previous owner cared for the vehicle? if you simply dont take good care of your car it doesnt matter what you buy, youll ruin it anyways,regardless of manufacture

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Out of the cars mentioned, the Honda Civic is probably the best. They have an outstanding reliability record, are very good quality, economical, stylish and hold their value pretty well. But what country do you live in and what sort of car do you want (ie hatchback, sports hatch, supermini, etc?). If you tell me I may be able to help you out more.
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