Anywhere to hire a car with a DR10?

My girlfriend recently got her driving licence back after getting a DR10 conviction (driving over the alcohol limit). Her boss has indicated that she may need to hire a car as part of her new job (she has been promoted and they know about the conviction) but a friend told her that UK Car Hire companies will not hire to someone with a DR10 for 5 years. Another friend said that some will, but they will charge a premium for this due to the increased risk as part of the risk assessment they carry out. Her company is a global company and they have preferred suppliers of Hire vehicles. Does anyone know which companies will hire to someone with a DR10 conviction for a higher premium and what the best course of action for her now is regarding Hiring vehicles? FYI we live in the UK (England).


Whats better????

I HAD A LOOK ABOUT MATE BUT I DONT THINK ITS POSSIBLE, I FOUND A SITE THAT SAYS IF ITS BEEN UNDER 5 YEARS THEN NO COMPANY CAN LEND A CAR OUT TO YOU.(as you said in your question////you wont get one untill its been over 5 years from anybody :-( )

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Oh well looks like her punishment is not finished yet. You won't get much sympathy on here.

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She may have to buy her own car for business use and then pay the astronomical insurance charges she will be quoted.
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