Appeal of SUVs?

I normally don't care about what kind of cars people drive, but honestly sometimes SUVs frighten me. They're very tall and very big--often it seems only one person is driving it! (And this is in a suburban area, where there are almost no off-roads or mountainous regions within a few hours drive.)

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Sometimes I worry when they cut in front or pull right up next to me when I try to make a turn--can't see anymore with that huge block of metal in front of me.

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I've read that SUVs test poorly in road safety, ie, strong possibilities that it will roll over or crush a smaller car. Not to mention the huge space they take up in parking spaces, so it's like trying to park or leave on a dime.

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Honestly they must be a huge hassle when it comes to parking, paying for gas, etc. It might be profitable for automakers, but what's the appeal of them?


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you are correct, correct, correct and correct with everything you pointed out... i guess its appeal is the " upsize mentality " ... you know, the bigger is better mentality... but i dont get it...

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people like big or they quit making them.

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The appeal? I own only SUV's and they are not as bad as people think. Some get very good gas mileage, my explorer gets 28mph highway, they handle nice and they are practical, I can load alot in them and haul alot. I have no problem parking mine and as for using gas, a corvette or mustang uses more gas than my V-6 Explorer. They are not a hassle. I have a 2003 Durango as well and it rides very comfortable and is a nice SUV. I prefer SUV's cuz I travel alot and I can put more people and stuff in my SUV's

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Just take a ride in one and then you'll know. I have a Denali. I would ride in one of those little cracker box econo cars for all the money in the world. I can seat 7 very comfortable, and the vehicle is unbelievable stable to drive in any kind of weather conditions.
When you do take a ride in one you will realize how much you put yourself at risk every day riding around in your little bitty car. BTW what you have read is that SUV have a higher chance ov rollover than smaller vehicles, but overall SUV are much safer!

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aye thats right, besides if I get into a car crash I’ll survive! Actually I got into a car crash a couple months ago, the porsche was totaled, I only had a busted radiator..wasnt my fault the porsche ran a stop sign ok.

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For me. it's a necessity. I need a vehicle with enough power to pull a trailer and/or haul a group of people or equipment. That's a SUV baby. ( the U is for utility)

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Other people just like to sit up high and have power to get down the freeway quickly.

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Others feel safer in a SUV in a crash. Incidentally, people who drive safely don't have to worry about rolling one of those behemoths.

How do you find out?

Biggers better, Hummers are better than Civics, in the even of an accident, I would be safer in the H vs the V-tech.

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The thing I don't like about SUV's is that they are nigh on impossible to pass on a small road, and the gits will never pull up the bank to let you past (they might get their 'car' dirty).
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