A product applied to glass ie:car windows/home windows, that makes it unbreakable, do you know what it is?

I saw this product at a home and garden show, they had put it on a car window, and then tried to beat it with a baseball bat. It seriously took like 17 hits before anything cracked. I've had my car window broken out twice and am sick of it. If you could help out with any information, I'd appreciate it.


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The film is called "armorcoat" and is made by Bekaert. Since I don't know where you are, I can't give you any info on your local dealer, but the link below will take you to Bekaert's site where you can follow the links to find a dealer near you. I hope this helps.

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It is a lexan plastic laminate. The same stuff they use in bullet proof glass.

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It is a laminate typically reserved for law enforcement or similar industry, I have never found it retail available.

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If you ever watch the Discovery Channel "It Takes A Thief", they have used a laminate in residential applications to prevent breakins, they had a window that was set up and hit with a bat, the window did crack alot, BUT the window would not come apart and allow someone to get thru it,, if you contact the discovery channel and inquire they may be able point you in the right direction, OR maybe check with a Home Security company and see if they can help out
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