Are Daewoo cars the worst cars ever made?

Most of their models get a 1 out of 10 rating on Consumer Reports, JD Power gives them the lowest score possible, and from personal experience, they are absolutely horrible cars in terms of reliability.

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Are Daewoo cars some of the worst ever made? Second, why so bad?


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timing belts break at 40000 miles and cause $1500 damage and cant get other parts

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no Yugo. they r bad cause its hard to put 10,000 parts togther and have them work..Its new at making cars.

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Korean manufacturing has only begun to improve in the past decade or so. Your Daewoo may have been made fairly recently, but Daewoo as a corporation just hasn't made the same strides that Hyundai, Samsung, and LG (Lucky Goldstar) have made in this period of time. I think even KIA has started to make decent models.

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As for the worst car ever made, remember the Yugo? :)

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To me thats like the no name brand of cars..I would never consider buying one

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Years ago,there was a book called "No Bad Dogs",saying that there are only bad dog owners,who don't properly train or care for their animals.The overwhelming majority of automobiles fall into that category.I've seen lots of Daewoos with 200k miles and more than one Yugo in excess of 100k.Granted that Hondas,Toyotas et al are much better,but it still comes down to the care and maintenance

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Yes they are some of the worst cars ever built. But what makes a car bad? One: Quality of build. If you build a car cheaply I'll notice where you wouldn't. (From underneath, I'm a mechanic). Two: Cost of repair. If I have to fix your car and the parts are expensive even considering you own an inexpensive car BELIEVE me your going to pay. Three: Labor. Let's face it, not all cars are easy to fix but some are alot better to work on that others. If a Daewoo comes in, it will wait alot longer than other cars just because there a pain even for something simple. So yes they are cheap, hard to fix, and expensive to maintain. Does that make them the worst cars ever? Maby. My vote as worst car ever built would be the Ford Pinto. They stopped making them because they would explode if rear-ended.
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