2lessons till my drivin test,wot do i do??

i am getting really nervous about my driving test,my instructa said kalms wud help,any peeps who had them??


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First of all, sweetheart, if your instructor says you're ready, you're ready. He wouldn't suggest you take your test unless you were.

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The examiner is not out to get you, there is no "quota" to fulfil, and they all know very well that you'll be nervous. Every examiner has at some stage been a learner, too, and they know what it's like. If you're good enough, you'll pass, as simple as that. They really don't mind if you ask them to repeat what they said, either.

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I shouldn't put too much faith in "chemical assistance", but you might find a brisk walk before your test will help to work some of the stresses out.

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Come back and tell us that you've passed, won't you?

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Kalms might help a little, don't expect too much of them. Try some deep breathing, think calm thoughts, know it's not the end of the world if you fail, and remember the examiner expects you to be nervous and will make allowances. Good luck!

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hi i think everybody is nervous with all-sorts of tests thing to do is relax easier said than done but try and put it out of your mind if you follow all instructions clearly that examiner tells you you shouldn't have any problems anyway very best of luck and if you don't pass first time then try and try again

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relax max, if your instructor says your ready then you've basically passed. If he didn't think you could, he wouldn't have put you in.

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Before your test, just give yourself plenty of time, take a magazine and cuppa and just take five before the test.

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Try and get plenty of practice in over the next few days. Remember, if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

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You'll be fine, best of luck!

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If you believe they will help then I'm certain they will, but maybe you should try a dummy run first, just in case you get a bit too laid back. Good luck!
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