Anyone ever heard of mpg caps?

my neighbor gave them to me. they're supossed to improve mileage and power,prolong plug life, fuel filters and exhaust system and reduce emmisions. you put a capsule in the gas tank with every fill. i am not soliciting ! i want to know more. here's the e-mail if you want to take a look and tell me your thoughts. i'd be interested in the opinion of a pro. thanks


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Snake-oil. Don't work as claimed. The article at the website below will give you good information on it.

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To really get more fuel mileage, change your driving habits such as accelerate from a stop at a slower more steady rate, turn off unnecessary accessories and maintain a steady speed as much as possible, and don't speed.

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So what are the capsules themselves made of, and how are they supposed to not gum up the fuel system when they dissolve?

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Regardless, at best it would have a cleansing effect, if it were full of something like Seafoam. More likely it's pure snake oil.
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