Who invented those hideous wood panels that went on 70's station wagons?

i just watched ''murder she wrote'' and the car jessica drove around in had them... eeeuw


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sherwood shwartz the creator of the brady bunch had a ford wagon done for show ford loved the idea and it took off from there

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They go back to the 30's and 40's with the woodys. They were something like a cross between a van and a suburban but the sides were real wood. They are rare to see now, the later cars used stickers to simulate the wood, I agree they where hideous.

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There were wooden bodied station wagons made into the 1950's. Buick's Roadmaster Wagon in 1950 had a wooden body.
They made vans with the fake paneling untill the mid 1990's. Chrysler's Town and Country van which was not a cheap car by any means had it.

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I grew up in one of those,driving around America with the family.Yes it was quite hideous,but it was a much more user friendly vehicle than a SUV, and small cars and sports cars could see around it in traffic so it was safer for other drivers.
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