What boat to buy now for the summer? $4000-$12000?

I'm moving into a place on the lake with a dock. I've looking at three options for a boat:

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1. Pontoon

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2. 16-19ft I/O or outboard

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3. Jet Boat

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I'm mostly looking to just spend some quality time on the lake. I do like wakeboarding, but it seems that a wakeboard boat is very expensive. We typically won't have more then 5-6 people on the lake with us.

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My fiance will like to mostly sunbathe.

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My budget is $4000-$12000, any advice?


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for 12K you can buy any of the above. a wakeboard tower is available after market to fit practically any boat. 6 friends and a sunbather sounds like a pontoon to me. you can really score with that much money...shop around. avoid the jet boat. real gas burners. lol.

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I paid $11000 for a '99 glastron sx195 with 250 hours on it, it is an inboard/outboard with 225hp. We fit my whole family of 7 in it with no problem,
Wakeboarding is no problem, we have had a blast on it all summer and can't wait for next summer.

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it depends on which country you come from s to brand of boat ? Probably a boat with a shallow V hull for planning and wakeboarding. fibreglass hull for strenght, durability and especially comfort in chop.

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Boston Whaler ! They won't sink, they just turn into big surfboards if swamped, plus, when you go to sell it, you'll get almost all of your money back, not many boats do that !

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Sounds like a deck boat will fill most of your needs. They are available on ebay.
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