How do they get the ship in the bottle?


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They are built in the bottle. Check out the link below

Google Phillips? For Marine Ply, Tried None Their?

They build it inside the bottle from the outside.


The actual process is dependent on the builder's own particular techniques and how the model is designed and built. However, basically one either has to build the model so that it can be taken apart into separate pieces that are small enough to insert through the neck of the bottle, or one has to design and buiild the models so that the masts, spars and sails can be collapsed or folded down to make the model small enough to fit through the neck of the bottle. In actual practice, it takes a combination of these two methods for most sailing ship in bottle type models.

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Commercially, they just cut the bottom of the bottle, slip in the ship, and "glue" the bottom of the bottle.

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Very seldom now do you find a ship that was actually built inside the bottle...

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Too bad, as it is quite a feat.

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use a long pair of tweezers or something like that and put each piece inside the bottle individually.
So they build the ship inside the bottle, not outside.

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Yo no se!

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It takes a lot of skill and patience to build a ship in a bottle through the bottle's neck.

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I have also seen manufacturers use another method as well: some cut a bottle on half lengthwise down the middle and place the ship in the bottle. Then, they simply fuse the top half of the bottle back onto the bottom half and it gives the illusion that the ship was built into the bottle the conventional way.

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You can tell if this new method was used by looking for a very thin line along the length of the bottle that shows where the glass halves were fused together.

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The ship in a bottle is a traditional type of impossible bottle. Other common objects used include matchboxes, decks of cards, tennis balls, racketballs, Rubik's cubes, padlocks, knots and scissors.

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In nearly every impossible bottle, the object inside has been carefully disassembled and reassembled inside the bottle. For example, to get a deck of cards inside a bottle, the empty box is first rolled up and inserted, followed by each card one at a time. Using some long forceps and other tools, everything can be put back together again and the result is something that looks impossible without knowing the secret.

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However, contrary to popular belief, a "ship in a bottle" is ussually, first assembled outside of the bottle, then placed inside. This then seems impossible, without knowing the secret of the ship.

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Some ships are assembled whole with the masts hinged and lying flat against the deck. The ship is placed inside the bottle and then the masts are pulled up. Other times, especially with broader beamed ships like motor boats, the ship is reassembled in the bottle. This of course requires specialized long-handled tools, a keen eye, good coordination, and lots of patience.

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