Does anyone know any famous capsized ship inccodents?


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The Normandy capsized while it was being refitted as a troop carrier for WW2. A welding machine caught the ship on fire and the firefighters were putting water into the ship faster than it could drain off. It became unstable and capsized.

Anyone else on a boat?

The capsizing of the steamer Eastland in 1915 is the worst disaster ever on the Great Lakes. 844 people died when it capsized at the dock in 20 feet of water.

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The Edmon Fitzgerald comes to mine
An ore ship that despaired on the great lakes.

I have a 92 Bayliner Trophy , fish tanks constantly fill up with rain or deck water. Covers -gaskets?

The Edmond Fitzgerald "may have split up, it might have capsized, it may have dove deep and took water"(Gordon Lightfoot, "The Wreak of the Edmond Fitzgerald"). The luxury liner Normandie was converted to a troop carrier in WW II. The Normandie burned and later capsized while tied to the dock in New York Harbor. Sabotage was suspected but never proved. The West Virginia capsized during the attack on Pearl Harbor. It was reported by sentries standing guard at night to have heard the trapped survivors banging on the bulkheads for two weeks after the attack. They were unable to be rescued.

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I agree with Gold Wing 1!!!!!!!
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