Have you ever been on a boat trip?

I saw the movie boat trip with Cuba Gooding Jr.I went whale watching when I was in the fifth grade with my school.We were at Sea World.I did not get sea sick.


Where is the best place to sail in a dingy at loch lomand with kids?

We have lived on a boat summers(May-Sept.) for 15 years and cruised the Great Lakes, Chesapeake and Long Island Sound.,Erie Cnal, Hudson, Deleware Bay, East Coast.

What requirements are there for commercial use of a boat in Michigan?

Yeah. 4 years on an aircraft carrier!! Talk about a BOAT TRIP!!

Yamaha 15 HP outboard. Could a regulator/rectifier off a yamaha motor cycle be used on a outboard charge sys.

i will not go on a boat unless i can see land!!! that way if something happens i can swim back!!

Why won't my boat turn over?

Im friggin amazed.

Hey "science teacher"?

We watched Titanic on a Cruise Ship.

What is the origin of the term head in reference to a boat?

The very best of times I have had on board ship are on watch at night in the middle of the ocean, on a clear night the stars are amazing and I've never been sea sic, but there is always a first time.

How to change the oil in a 92 OMC Cobra 3.0 L marine engine and outdrive?

I've worked on commercial fishing boats for so long I wouldn't even consider doing it for pleasure

Why is ship building industry called one off its kind?

Never been, but desparately want to.

Mad River Adventure 14 Canoe?

I live on a boat

Could Noah's Ark have possibly floated? Was it seaworthy?

My first memorable boat trip was with my best friend and his dad. We sailed all day while Mr. B was down below drinking. He came up at night to take over and we went to the rack. Come morning we go topsides and there Mr. B is, passed out, with no land in sight. Being only 10 we didn't know much other than to head west. By the time we came into sight of land he was sober again and we continued into port. Been hooked to sailing in one form or another ever since.
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