Can you please tell me where I can purchase new carpet for a 1988 Manatee boat?


What is the best product to use to restore the Gel cote on my boat?

any good carpet store will have indoor/outdoor carpet. any boat dealership or supply store will have access to it.

Please help us name our boat!?

you're gonna need to talk to an old boy named Havisham, Rick Havisham. Now he doesn't get up too early so you might try to catch him around noon. He's has a little shop he runs out his garage. Now i don't know how new this carpet will be, but he's got it. colors are green and orangish brown. he's got some that looks like its been had motor oil changed on it but that ones on clearnce i think. he's got everything you need and some epoxy to set it on done

M.V Balmoral?

I really don't know but i am sure that u will get it from a shop!
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