Hi my name is jon and im looking to build a fish house and i was wondering the best way to build one?

im building one this summer and i wsa just wondering the best way to build one?


What is..??

what exactly is a fish house?

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it's tough to decipher if you mean something like a fish TANK or something to catch fish off of.

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if you're looking for a method of CATCHING fish, i would very strongly recommend you reconsider a house and think about making it a fish boat. they're typically better on the water and more fuel efficient.

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and the best way to build one of those is give up early and just buy one that's already made. they're pretty popular. a boat, not a house, that is.

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Build as if it was a shed in your yard,put it on wooden pallets so that you can move it around on the ice a little easier.Make sure that it will fit on your trailer or in the back of your pick up.Hope that this helps.

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buy an old pontoon boat w/o a motor and build your fish house on top of it.
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