How many tonnes of diesel is consummed by a cargo ship?

the cargo ship is over 5000 tdw!


How does newtons law of motion and bernoulli's principle affect a sailing ship?

check out this site on the worlds largest diesel for a container ship. It says that at the most efficient speed it will still burn 1660 gallons of fuel per hour! Thats a bit more than 2.5 tons/hour.

British waterways SECTION 8?

To answer this question, wouldn't one need more information on the SIZE of the vessel, the NUMBER of engines to be operated, the WEIGHT of the cargo, and the DISTANCE to be traveled?

On a Boat why is the drivers side opposite of that of a car?

Depends on many factors. For a small ship like that probably not too much, although more than you would want to pay for. We were burning around 450 kgs per mile on a 98,000 ton steamship going 14 kts. Was on an @80,000 ton diesel container ship going to Thailand where each of the many fuel tanks were five stories tall. Going 28+ kts in the china sea to outrun pirates we burnt way too much. Couldn't make it half way across the Pacific going that speed compared to round trip going slower.

What is the name for a table on a boat that doesn't rock with the waves?

An aircraft carrier, 1000 feet long, used 100,000 gallons of black oil a day.(250,000 tons, draft 35 feet)

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A 4000 TEU container ship burns about 250-300 tons of fuel a day outside of pilot waters.
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